Welcome to Mega-Anime.com

Mega Anime is all about Anime, Manga and the community of fans. I'm only one man and can't do every thing but, I'll try and add and improve as much as I can. The global economy is really bad at the moment.

Recently I was hosting my site at a server that was perfect for what I needed. But for some unknown reason they change the server setting in such a way that nothing worked anymore. So now I've found another hosting site and every thing is working as it should.

For the time being Mega Anime will be under extreme reconstruction. Sorry for any inconvienence.

The Forum

The forum is next on the list of features to be restored after I'm done with the front page. There's still some work that needs to be done before I'm back on track.


I also had a catalog with a shopping cart, this will be restored after the forum and will take the longest to setup. I've got to relist all my stock (not that I had much to begin with) I had listed.

I've been steadely filling my stock with new items and I'll add them as well once I'm done setting up the catalog. So you can expect to see new items for sale.